IG Metall: date for Airbus corporate restructuring postponed

Released on 28.09. 2021

  • The union IG-Metall demands a social collective agreement from Airbus. Photo: Markus Scholz

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The pressure is out for now. According to the union, Airbus and IG Metall have agreed to give themselves more time to find a solution for the planned restructuring of the group.

Hamburg (dpa) – According to the union, the original implementation date for the corporate restructuring at Airbus is off the table.

Employers and IG Metall had agreed in their third round of negotiations, the date for changes at Airbus Operations and Premium Aerotec on January 1 2021 said the district manager of IG Metall coast, Daniel Friedrich, on Tuesday the German Press Agency. Instead, the negotiating partners had agreed to put together an overall package to solve all issues. This affects the areas of spin-off, possible investors and locations.

Friedrich called the talks at Hamburg Airport constructive. Solution proposals would now be worked out in joint working groups over a period of six weeks. The next round of negotiations was agreed for November 9th. “By continuing the talks, we will no longer have to think about warning strikes or the like,” said Friedrich. The pressure is first out of the boiler.

Round 13. 000 Employees affected

Airbus originally wanted to merge parts of Airbus Operations and large parts of Premium Aerotec into a new subsidiary at the beginning 2022. In addition, a new unit is to be created that will concentrate on the production of individual parts and small components. For this company, which should also serve other customers, Airbus is striving to establish a connection with a “strong, external partner”. This would affect around 13. 000 employees. According to the aircraft manufacturer, Airbus Operations has around 18. 000 Employees, Premium Aerotec for example 7000.

In protest against the plans, more than 12. Employees went on a warning strike that lasted almost a day. Airbus locations in Hamburg, Stade, Bremen and Buxtehude were affected. At the Airbus subsidiary Premium Aerotec, on the other hand, employees at the headquarters in Augsburg as well as in Bremen, Varel and Nordenham.

If employees lose their jobs due to the restructuring, IG Metall demands for them as security, a severance payment of three gross monthly salaries per year of employment with a base amount of 25 000 Euro. In addition, a hardship rule for IG Metall members and two-year qualification measures should be agreed if the remuneration continues to be paid.

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