Ifo: The export industry is becoming more optimistic again

Released on 27. 09. 2021

  • After a late summer mood dip in August, German industry is seeing its export opportunities again more optimistic. Photo: Marcus Brandt

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In almost all industries there is optimism when it comes to foreign trade. The mood is particularly good in the auto industry.

Munich (dpa) – After a late summer mood dip in August, German industry is again more optimistic about its export opportunities. In the monthly survey by the Ifo Institute, companies’ export expectations rose to 21 points in September .

That was four points more than in August, as the Munich economists announced on Monday. The German industrial exports showed themselves to be “surprisingly robust against the procurement crisis for raw materials and intermediate products”, it said in the announcement.

The companies are therefore in almost all industries more optimistic than a month ago. According to Ifo, the greatest growth was in the auto industry, which is therefore expecting a significant increase in foreign sales. According to Ifo, the situation is similar in the electrical industry. In chemistry, the indicator has risen to its highest level since November 2010. According to the index, only the textile industry is currently expecting declining export figures.

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