Housing benefit increase due to more expensive energy?

Released on 14.10. 2021

  • Increase housing allowance “so that nobody has to freeze this winter”. Photo: Bodo Marks

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Energy prices have risen sharply. In order to protect people with lower incomes, the consumer advice centers are now calling for an increase in the housing benefit. The new federal government is also called for.

Berlin (dpa) – In view of the sharp rise in energy prices, the consumer advice centers are calling for rapid protection for people with lower incomes nobody has to freeze this winter, ”said the head of the federal association (vzbv), Klaus Müller. In addition, electricity and gas bans should be suspended, which could threaten default payments. The federal government that is still in office is also “very well in a position to prepare things” that the new government could decide immediately after the election of the chancellor Expansion of renewable energies, energy-saving building renovation and the switch to electromobility, said Müller. “Politicians must set a framework so that our economy can decouple itself from fossil fuels as quickly as possible and consumers have climate-friendly alternatives available.” The EU commission against high energy prices said the vzbv boss that there was nothing new in the paper. The commission does nothing else than pass the ball back to the nation states. In a “tool kit” for EU countries presented on Wednesday, the Brussels authority proposes, among other things, direct payments, tax breaks and subsidies for small companies. It is also considering medium-term reforms to make the European energy market more robust.

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