Higher damage from undeclared work in Corona year 2020

Released on 24.09. 2021

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The pandemic has made the fight against illegal employment more difficult – at the same time, more cases were clarified in the past year.

Berlin (dpa) – Despite the Corona crisis, more moonlighting was discovered last year. The financial control of the undeclared work of the customs established for 816 a financial loss of 816, 5 million euros. This emerges from the answer from the Ministry of Finance to a request from the FDP parliamentary group on which the Ā«SpiegelĀ» had previously reported. The sum consists of unpaid social security contributions, unpaid taxes and other damages such as unpaid minimum wages.

The loss amount is significantly higher than in the previous year than 755, 4 million euros were reported. Numerous industries had temporarily shut down work in the past year due to the pandemic. According to the ministry, some of the inspectors could only work with restrictions.

Fluctuations normal

At the same time, the ministry indicates in its answer that German press agency is available to point out that annual fluctuations in the amount of damage due to the complex, often multi-year cases are normal. A comparison with previous years is therefore not very meaningful.

The FDP finance politician Markus Herbrand sees in the numbers indications of increasing problems. “Undeclared work has flourished like rarely in the pandemic,” he said. Despite committed and often overworked employees, the fight against undeclared work is in a desperate situation. Finance Minister Olaf Scholz (SPD) ignored and delayed structural grievances. “At the end of his term of office, the fight against illegal employment is therefore in a worrying state,” said Herbrand.

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