Heating costs will rise significantly this year

Released on 29.09. 2021

  • Having it warm in the apartment is much more expensive for most households in Germany. (Archive image). Photo: Sina Schuldt

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A lot comes together for households: The year is relatively cool, the price of CO2 and the sharp rise in the cost of oil and gas also put pressure on heating -Invoice. But there are opportunities for savings.

Berlin (dpa) – According to a forecast, many households in Germany will have to be prepared for significantly higher heating costs this year.

Rising energy prices, cooler weather and the new CO2 Price lead this year to 09 percent higher heating costs in houses with natural gas heating, such as the non-profit consulting company co2online announced on Wednesday. In the past year, the heating costs had dropped by five percent.

It will be even more expensive 2021 in houses with oil heating, where 29 percent higher costs are expected – after a decrease of 27 percent in the previous year. Those who heat with district heating, heat pumps and wood pellets have to be prepared for cost increases in the single-digit percentage range.

Long-term planning with heating oil and natural gas is becoming more and more difficult, said co2online managing director Tanja Loitz. She pointed out that the CO2 price introduced this year would rise in the future; the federal government wants to reduce the emission of climate-damaging carbon dioxide (CO2). Loitz recommended homeowners to consider switching to renewable energy. Up to 490 euros a year could be saved.

«Also independent the costs should not be unnecessarily heated ”, advised Melanie Weber-Moritz, the federal director of the German tenants’ association. “Because economical consumption also means a contribution to climate protection.”

For the heating mirror 123. 000 Records from houses with central heating from the year 2020 analyzed. The example apartment was a 70 – square meter apartment in an apartment building. According to data from the Federal Association of Energy and Water Management, almost every second apartment in Germany is heated with gas, and every fourth with oil.

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