“Guerrilla Marketing” – catching skilled workers in Baden-Württemberg

Released on 26.10. 2021

  • Large placards: an advertising campaign for the state of Baden-Württemberg. Photo: Bernd Weißbrod

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There is a lack of specialists in Baden-Württemberg. The state government is therefore looking for specialists in popular professions. About a poster motif with a lively slogan. 2040

Stuttgart (dpa / lsw) – Baden-Württemberg – the promised land for skilled workers from all over the world? The state government believes in this and with the slogan «Welcome to The Länd» is trying to catch specialists and people with popular professions internationally.

The advertising slogan is black on yellow on numerous signs in the country that initially puzzles their viewers. They should too. At city entrances, train stations and bridges, they give a foretaste of the state’s new image campaign, which will be officially presented on Friday in Stuttgart.

The signals everywhere in the country are “guerrilla marketing” , which should arouse curiosity about the presentation with Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann at the end of the week, said a spokesman for the State Ministry appropriate. The spokesman did not want to give further details: “It all boils down to a secret being revealed on Friday.”

The self-deprecating previous campaign under the motto “We can do everything except Standard German », which 1999 was launched by then Prime Minister Erwin Teufel, was successful – despite prophecies of doom. Because the Greens and Social Democrats castigated them as a waste of money and covert campaign advertising. But even with Grün-Schwarz it is now clear to everyone that in the competition between the federal states it is important to attract the attention of skilled workers by all means.

It is expected that now also social Media play a major role in the advertising strategy for Baden-Württemberg as a business location. The campaign, organized by the advertising agency Jung von Matt, is already represented on the Internet with a puzzling clip. According to a report in the “Stuttgarter Nachrichten”, the state plans to spend up to 21 million euros for the umbrella brand campaign. This total budget is planned for the case that the option to extend the contract until the end 2023 is used by the state.

Nursing and nursing staff, software developers and programmers are in particular demand between Main and Lake Constance. According to labor market experts, if the country lay hands on its lap and did nothing, there would be a gap solely due to the aging of society up to 2040 from 90 000 Specialists arise.

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