Goodbye, EU rules: London celebrates return to ounces

London (dpa) – Old becomes new: In a demonstrative step, Great Britain allows the exclusive use of old weight units such as pounds and ounces again after Brexit.

Brexit supporters cheer the return British traditions. For them, the EU rules that legally stipulate uniform labeling were an emotional question. “Take back control” was the motto of the Brexiteers.

The “metric martyrdom” is over, can now be heard in conservative circles. Under EU rules, weight information had to be given in kilograms in shops or supermarkets.

It is also celebrated that the royal crown may again be stamped on pint beer glasses. The symbol – the “Crown Stamp” was for centuries proof of the correct calibration of the vessels, but 2007 had to give way to the EU-standardized CE mark. The conservative newspaper “Daily Telegraph” also cheered the decision on Friday: “The“ Crown Stamp ”outlasted centuries and became a cornerstone of British life. But although she survived two world wars and the crumbling of the Empire, she had no chance against Brussels. ”

With the return to values ​​that are reminiscent of the imperial heyday of a great colonial empire, Prime Minister Boris Johnson is trying To convince the country of its post-Brexit course of a “Global Britain”, once again on the emotional map. The outcry was great when the dealer Steven Thoburn 2001 was fined for selling bananas worth 34 pence (today 40 Cent) had not given in kilograms. The case is considered by many to be the starting signal for Brexit.

Johnson was also one of the critics. “Why are we forcing the British to use Napoleon’s measurements when the imperial system in America, the world’s most successful economy, survives and thrives,” he wrote at the time as editor-in-chief of the conservative weekly Spectator. After taking office as head of government 2019 Johnson announced an “era of generosity and tolerance”: “We will bring back these old freedoms,” he said. His Brexit representative David Frost announced that he would abolish the EU’s “regulative meat grinder”, because of which Great Britain had to make “unsatisfactory compromises”.

But while conservatives cheer, critics can only turn their heads shake. “Our shelves are empty, but if they were full we could buy things using a system that nobody who has left school since the 1970 knows,” blasphemed a “Times” – Reader. Because of the Corona crisis and strict migration rules after Brexit, workers are desperately looking for workers in numerous industries, and there are always gaps in supermarkets , and the beer came by the pint glass. The British regularly give their sizes in feet and inches. But about ounces have almost completely disappeared from everyday life. That 16 ounces equals one pound and 2.2 pounds equals one kilogram and 14 pounds equals one stone very few younger people know. Experts warn of confusion and mistakes in the conversion, which could be ripped off consumers and the UK could have. EU rules on financial services, data protection and genetically modified organisms, among other things, are to be abolished. “We intend to eventually change, replace or repeal all adopted EU laws that are not right for Great Britain,” thundered Johnson’s Brexit representative Frost. Observers warn that this could exacerbate the already violent confrontation with Brussels.

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