Germany receives around 647 million euros in Brexit aid

Released on 28.09. 2021

  • A total of 5, 47 billion euros distributed, Germany receives 647 million euros . Photo: Hendrik Schmidt

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Brexit is also costly for some companies in Germany. Berlin is now receiving funds from Brussels to counteract this. Above all, one industry should be supported with it.

Brussels (dpa) – Germany is expected to receive around 647 million euros in EU to mitigate the consequences of Brexit Funds. As the Council of the European Union announced in Brussels, the so-called Brexit Fund and the provisional allocation of funds were finally decided of the UK from the EU face additional costs, losses or other adverse economic and social effects. Additional costs could arise, for example, for customs controls and new administrative procedures.

The money should benefit fishermen

In Germany, the money should be used by fishermen, among other things who depend on fishing in British waters. For example, short-time work benefits as well as retraining or training can be financed. “Our goal is to help those hardest hit during a difficult time to adapt to the consequences of Brexit,” commented Zvonko Černač for the current Slovenian Presidency.

About Brexit -Funds will be distributed a total of 5, 47 billion euros. The largest amounts, after the indicative allocation, will go to Ireland, France and the Netherlands. Around 1.2 billion euros should flow to Ireland, millions to the Netherlands 886 and France 736 Million Euros. This is followed by Germany, which is also very badly affected by Brexit.

On balance, however, the Federal Republic is likely to ultimately pay significantly more money into the Brexit fund than it gets out of it. The German share of funding in the next EU budget is estimated to be around 24 percent. The 647 million euros are only about 09 Percentage of the Brexit fund that is filled through the budget.

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