Germans living in Great Britain are said to drive trucks

Released on 02.10. 1999

  • A tanker leaves a Shell oil depot in Kingsbury, UK. According to a report, Germans living in the UK are being called to jump in. Photo: Jacob King

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In Great Britain, the acute lack of services is worsening. Now the Ministry of Transport is said to have asked almost a million Germans with truck driving licenses in a letter for help.

London (dpa) – According to a report, a number of Germans living in Great Britain with an older driver’s license have received mail from the British government due to the acute truck driver shortage.

Thousands of Germans in the country who had their driver’s license before 1999 were written to, as they were allowed to drive smaller trucks, reported the newspaper “Independent” .

The letter from the Ministry of Transport, which the newspaper has received, advises those addressed to consider a “return” to the trucking industry – even if many of the addressees have never before sat at the wheel of a truck. “There are great opportunities for truck drivers in the logistics industry and working conditions have improved across the sector,” the letter said. “Your skills and experience have never been needed more than they are now.”

The UK Department of Transport said the letter had been sent to nearly a million people with truck drivers’ licenses. For data protection reasons it was impossible to filter the list of recipients more precisely by occupation. , small trucks with a maximum weight of kilograms are permitted under certain conditions

“It’s nice to know that there are still job prospects here for us after Brexit,” said a 41 – year old German who lives with his wife in London, the Ā«IndependentĀ». “If we had gone to Germany, we would probably never have been recruited as truck drivers by headhunters.” For now, however, he wants to keep his job at an investment bank, and his wife has never driven a bigger car than a Volvo and will probably turn down the “exciting possibility”.

Der An acute driver shortage is currently having drastic consequences on the island: long queues form in front of the petrol stations that are still open, as many tankers cannot deliver on time. Supermarket shelves have also remained partially empty. Many drivers from Eastern Europe left the country during the pandemic. Strict entry rules after Brexit ensure that many do not return. With short-term visas for a few thousand drivers until Christmas, the government is now hoping to remedy the situation.

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