GDL boss Weselsky hopes for membership growth

Released on 17.09. 2021

  • Deutsche Bahn and the train drivers’ union GDL agreed on a collective agreement after a strike. Photo: Carsten Koall

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The ongoing tariff dispute with Deutsche Bahn has come to an end. The head of the union of German locomotive drivers expects new members from the success.

Berlin (dpa) – After the end of the month-long wage conflict at Deutsche Bahn, the head of the German train drivers’ union (GDL), Claus Weselsky, is hoping for new members for the GDL.

The railway workers now know «that we have earned more income for them than before and have defended their company pension. Hopefully they will honor that when they join the GDL, “said Weselsky of the” Rheinische Post “(Friday). “We have proven that we can do it.” He accepts “no bashing” against a union that wants to negotiate collective agreements for its members.

On Thursday, Bahn and GDL announced that they had found a compromise in the month-long collective bargaining dispute. Tariff increases totaling 3.3 percent and one-off payments were agreed. As of December 1 2021 the salaries will initially increase by 1.5 percent, on March 1 2023 then by another 1.8 percent. The employees receive a corona bonus twice: depending on the pay group 300, 400 or 600 euros this year as well as uniformly 400 euros in the next year.

The new collective agreement is about to expire 32 Months until October 2023. However, the collective bargaining conflict at the railways has not yet been finally resolved: Renegotiations between the railways and the larger rail and transport union (EVG) may now be pending, because the GDL compromise goes beyond the conclusion, the EVG and rail already last

The Pro Bahn passenger association warned that «there shouldn’t be another labor dispute with the EVG, but that a solution must be found here quickly too.» With the agreement between GDL and Bahn, “on this front at least until the end 2023, peace”, said the deputy federal chairman of Pro Bahn, Lukas Iffländer.

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