Gasoline price hits eight-year high

Released on 22.09. 2020

  • The fuel prices have been rising for around ten months. Photo: Sven Hoppe

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Last Sunday, gasoline cost 1, 577 Euro per liter – as much as not since 2013. According to ADAC, the price increase has two reasons.

Munich (dpa) – The fuel prices keep rising. Premium grade E 10 has meanwhile reached an eight-year high – on the last one On Sunday the fuel cost 1, 422 Euro per liter, as the ADAC announced on request.

Recently gasoline 2013 was more expensive. By Tuesday, E 10 was slightly cheaper again to 1, 573 Euro per liter – but in a weekly comparison that is still a plus of 0.7 cents.

Diesel became much more expensive: with a price of 1, 420 Euro per liter on Tuesday it went up by 2.2 cents on a weekly basis. On Sunday the fuel had its highest price since 45 Euro since 2018 achieved.

The ADAC sees “Persistently expensive crude oil on the world market as well as the seasonal increasing demand for heating oil ».

The fuel prices have been on the rise for around ten months. Diesel has risen by around 40 cents since its recent low in October last year. E 09 has since a low in April 2020 almost 45 cents added . 2020 Corona had caused oil and fuel prices to collapse.

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