Further warning strikes in retail and mail order

Released on 29.09. 2021

  • A safety vest with the label «ver.di». Photo: Tom Weller

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Leipzig / Suhl (dpa) – The Verdi union wants to continue its warning strikes in retail and mail order in Saxony, Thuringia and Saxony-Anhalt until the end of this week. On Wednesday rallies were planned in Leipzig and Suhl. According to Verdi, the night shift of the mail order company Amazon in Leipzig and supermarkets from Kaufland in Hildburghausen and Suhl were affected by the latest warning strikes. “The mood among the employees is heated,” stated Verdi negotiator Jörg Lauenroth-Mago. The next round of negotiations is planned for October 4th.

Verdi demands for the round 280 . 000 employees in the industry in the three countries an increase in wages and salaries by 4.5 percent plus 45 Euro per month and a minimum wage of 12, 50 euros per hour. The employers offer three-year financial statements and 2 percent for the first year after two zero months, 1.4 percent for the second year and 2 percent for the third year. For companies that were particularly affected by the pandemic, the increases are to be paid several months later. The union rejects this.

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