Fuel crisis: Minister announces military action

Released on 29.09. 2021

  • Disused petrol pumps at a petrol station in London. Photo: Frank Augstein

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Thousands of truck drivers are missing in Great Britain. This is one reason for the problems at the gas stations. Now soldiers should drive the tank trucks.

London (dpa) – In order to get the fuel crisis in Great Britain under control, soldiers are to be ordered to the controls of tankers soon.

«We have decided to do it and I think that in the next few days people will see some soldiers driving tankers, ”British Economy Minister Kwasi Kwarteng told the BBC on Wednesday. The government announced on Tuesday that the army would be put on standby because of the problems. Soldiers are currently being trained to drive and fill tank trucks.

At the same time, the minister emphasized that the situation was already easing. The Petrol Retailers Association (PRA) also reported, according to the BBC, that there are signs that the pressure is easing. So only around 40 percent of the petrol stations of member companies in the country would be on dry land. On Sunday that was still the case for two thirds.

The background to the fuel crisis in the United Kingdom is a shortage of truck drivers, which has already led to gaps in supermarket shelves. Since petrol stations had to close last week due to the shortage of drivers, there has been panic buying. Long queues form in front of gas stations.

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