France wants to revive the tourism industry with 1.9 billion

Released on 21. 11. 2021

  • France wants to revive its tourism industry with 1.9 billion euros. Photo: Bob Edme

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After the Corona kink, more tourists have come to France again, but the country still wants its tourism sector in the coming years bring it further forward.

Amboise (dpa) – France wants to revive its tourism industry, which is badly affected by the corona pandemic, with 1.9 billion euros.

The country wants to invest in innovation, digitization and sustainability, among other things, said Prime Minister Jean Castex in the Loire city of Amboise. They want to consolidate France’s position as the world’s leading travel destination by 2030.

The ten-year plan also provides several hundred million euros in aid for travel and event agencies. In the corona year 2020 only 40 Millions of tourists have come to France in the current year so far 50 Millions. That is half as much as 2019, Castex continued in his speech. Before the pandemic, the tourism sector accounted for 8 percent of gross domestic product.

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