Expert opinion: The share of goods on the rail needs billions

Released on 30.09. 2021

  • The share of rail in total freight traffic stagnates in Germany at around 19 percent. Photo: Armin Weigel

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Up to 2030 should be around a quarter of all Goods are transported by rail. According to an expert opinion, a lot of money is needed to implement this – especially for maintenance.

Berlin (dpa) – So that up to 2021, as planned, around a quarter of all goods can be transported by rail According to an expert opinion, total investments amounting to 30 billion euros.

13 Billions of euros of this could be raised by the rail freight industry itself, the rest must come from the federal government, according to the study , which the management consultancy Roland Berger created on behalf of the Association of German Transport Companies (VDV).

Accordingly, additional 16 billion euros up to 2030, it says . 13, 5 billion euros would also have to be invested in new routes. Another 9 billion euros would have to flow into the fleet.

For years, the share of rail in total freight traffic in Germany has stagnated at around 19 percent. The federal government wants to increase this proportion significantly. “The freight railways are ready to do their part,” said VDV Vice President Joachim Berends on Thursday. “But we urgently and quickly need the necessary legal framework and the security that the financing, especially for the necessary expansion of the rail infrastructure, is sufficiently and long-term secured.”

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