Every sixth Briton has trouble shopping for essentials

Released on 08.10. 2021

  • Despite empty shelves in British supermarkets, one person is calm: Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Photo: Kirsty O’connor

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The purchase of important groceries is currently a struggle in Great Britain – this is also proven by statistics from the statistical office. Sometimes people have to visit several shops to find what they want.

London (dpa) – Because of the supply crisis in Great Britain, every sixth adult has had problems buying essential food.

In the past two weeks 17 Percent of those surveyed cannot purchase goods because they are not in stock, said the ONS statistics office. Accordingly, the gaps in food that are not essential to life were even larger: here, almost a quarter (23 percent) could not get the desired products .

The bottlenecks are also made clear by other information. So 43 percent agreed that the offer was lower, 14 percent had to go to several shops to find what they were looking for. Only 57 percent could acquire all the desired goods.

Also gasoline and Diesel scarce

In Great Britain there have been delivery bottlenecks for weeks, empty shelves are the result. The reason is a blatant shortage of truck drivers due to the consequences of the corona pandemic and Brexit.

As a result, petrol and diesel have recently become scarce. According to the ONS survey 15 percent of those surveyed could not refuel.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is demonstratively calm. He emphasized that the bottlenecks would increase productivity and wage levels. Transport Secretary Grant Shapps told Sky News that last week 3500 people applied to be truck drivers.

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