Every second person invests in the stock market

Released on 17.09. 2020

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The classically rather stock-exchange-shy Germans are increasingly daring to go on the floor. Who will be in the Dax in the future, but very few have an idea.

Frankfurt / Main (dpa) – Shares and funds are no longer a red flag for more and more savers in Germany. Almost half of the respondents (around 40 percent) stated in a survey by the comparison portal Verivox that they are currently quoting money the stock exchange.

In an earlier survey in October last year, said this 35 percent, at the beginning of the corona pandemic in March 2020 it was still 30 percent. Other surveys also confirm the upward trend.

However, according to the Verivox survey, very few investors have a realistic idea of ​​what can come out of an investment in the German share index in the long term. Not even one in three (around 25 percent) realistically assess the return opportunities and locate the annual average return Verivox noted that a long-term Dax investment was correctly in the range between five and ten percent. Almost 40 percent of the good 1000 Respondents underestimate the potential over an investment period of 15 Years, a quarter (well 20 percent) has no idea what an investment in the

«Despite the ongoing stock market boom, more than half of Germans still completely forego lucrative investments on the stock exchange – probably also because many of them have the ratio of Do not realistically assess opportunities and risks, ”commented Oliver Maier, Managing Director of Verivox Finanzvergleich GmbH.

Also about the historical expansion of the leading index Dax from 30 on 40 members Many investors in the survey are aware of the fact that the coming Monday (17. 9.) will take effect according to hardly any notice. Three out of four respondents (74, 7 percent) were not able to do a single one of them shortly after the announcement of the promoters to the first stock market league at the beginning of September Name ten new DAX members.

The DAX reform approved last year is now being implemented. New to the German share index from Monday: The Franco-German aircraft manufacturer Airbus, the chemicals dealer Brenntag, the cooking box supplier Hellofresh, the holding company Porsche, the sporting goods manufacturer Puma, the biotechnology and diagnostics company Qiagen, the pharmaceutical and laboratory supplier Sartorius, the medical technology group Siemens Healthineers , the flavor and fragrance manufacturer Symrise and the online fashion retailer Zalando.

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