Every fifth company wants to expand the home office

Released on 11.10. 2021

  • Larger companies in particular want to maintain or expand the possibility of working from home. Overall, however, the trend is going in the other direction. Photo: Finn Winkler

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Many employees switched to the home office during the corona pandemic – often by necessity. A recent study shows how companies intend to deal with work from home in the future.

Nuremberg (dpa) – According to a survey by the Nuremberg Institute for Employment Research (IAB), every fifth company in Germany wants to expand the possibilities for mobile working in the long term.

But according to the IAB, two thirds of the companies want to bring it back to the level before the pandemic, every tenth company even below the pre-crisis level. The institute had between the 5th and the 20. July companies all over Germany surveyed.

«The proportion of companies that want to expand the home office option is over 250 employees much higher than in small and medium-sized companies, ”said IAB researcher Christian Kagerl. For example, in companies with more than 250 employees have about 65 percent, for establishments with 50 to 249 employees with good 30 percent located. In companies with fewer than 30 employees, it was only barely 20 percent.

The IAB company already had in October about the reasons for their attitude 2020, not much has changed since then. Companies that speak out in favor of home office want to increase the flexibility of their employees and improve the compatibility of family and work in order to position themselves as an attractive employer. Those who want to reduce their work from home usually consider the profile of the respective workplace to be unsuitable. Others fear that the distance makes cooperation more difficult, that employees are treated unequally or that the corporate culture prevents expansion.

The IAB survey is part of the study «Companies in the Covid- 19 – Crisis », for which the institute monthly 1500 to 2000 companies dealing with the Corona -Crisis questioned.

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