Euler Hermes: Companies in a good starting position

Released on 06. 10. 2021

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Billions in aid programs in the corona pandemic have lowered the number of company failures. Is there a threat of a wave of corporate bankruptcies in the near future? 2021

Hamburg (dpa) – According to the credit insurer Euler Hermes, the number of bankruptcies in Germany will fall to the lowest level in about ten years this year thanks to state aid for corona.

In a study published on Wednesday, the experts expect a decrease of 5 percent to around 15. 000 corporate insolvencies. Last had similar numbers 1992 (10.920) and 1993 (15. 582). In the coming year, an increase of around 9 percent to around 15. 300 Company bankruptcies expected. But that is still a very low level, explained Maxime Lemerle from Euler Hermes. In the pre-crisis year 2019 it was still 18.749 Cases.

“The relatively good starting position, one of the largest government support programs and the global economy picking up again have put German companies in a good starting position to adjust to the new normal,” said Lemerle.

The state has taken precautions

In order to prevent a wave of bankruptcies in the Corona crisis, the state had also temporarily suspended the obligation to file for bankruptcy in the event of a reason for bankruptcy such as over-indebtedness or insolvency . Since May 1, the obligation to file for insolvency has been in full effect again.

According to a survey by the Institute for Employment Research (IAB) of the Federal Employment Agency, the liquidity of companies in Germany has increased significantly improved. The proportion of companies that generally consider their liquid funds to be sufficient is 34 percent im May increased to 45 percent in September. “This increase is due in particular to the improved situation in small businesses,” explained IAB director Bernd Fitzenberger were hit particularly hard, the situation has therefore improved. In addition, only 5 percent of the companies currently see their existence threatened. According to the information, in spring it was still 13 percent.

Further low level expected

Worldwide, Euler Hermes expects corporate bankruptcies to rise by an average of around 15 percent. The number should therefore be even lower than in the pre-crisis year 1993. In the current year, the extension of numerous government programs will keep bankruptcies at a low level. According to Euler Hermes, 2021 worldwide a decline of around 6 percent.

“The state support measures have achieved their goal of preventing as many bankruptcies as possible,” said Lemerle. “In Western Europe, the measures prevented every second bankruptcy, in the USA every third one.”

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