EU starts selling climate-friendly bonds

Released on 12.10. 2021

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Orders worth over 135 Billion euros: The demand for green bonds is enormous. The money is to be used to finance climate projects as part of the Corona aid package.

Brussels (dpa) – The European Commission has sold the first so-called green bonds with which climate projects are to be financed as part of the Corona aid package. The first bond has already brought in 10 billion euros, said budget commissioner Johannes Hahn on Tuesday.

According to the EU Commission, the demand for bonds exceeded the supply of bonds by more than eleven times: Orders worth over 135 Billion euros were made for the first bond. Hahn said the EU green bond sales program is the largest in the world. The start of sales is a “great success”.

250 billion euros should be applied in this way

Overall, the EU Commission wants to cover green bonds up to 250 raise billions of euros. This is to finance around 12 percent of the EU’s corona development program, which is around 800 billions of euros.

The money that the Commission will receive by the end of 2026 by selling the green bonds, should only finance climate-friendly projects of the EU countries. Hahn cited a research project on the energy transition, the construction of wind farms or the digitization of car production as examples. , 5 billion euros spent on financing the development program. Overall, the Commission wants to sell bonds worth 68 billion euros by the end of this year – including the green bonds.

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