EU Parliament for reform of the “Blue Card Directive”

Released on 16.09. 2021

  • The EU Parliament has voted for a reform of the so-called Blue Card Directive. Photo: Patrick Pleul

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Since 2009 there is in the EU the so-called blue card. But since then have only just barely 37. 000 foreign skilled workers used the opportunity to enter the EU and work. Now the directive is to be reformed.

Strasbourg (dpa) – In the competition for highly qualified immigrants from third countries, the EU Parliament has approved new rules. The MEPs voted in Strasbourg on Thursday with a large majority for a reform of the so-called Blue Card Directive.

This regulates the conditions under which skilled workers enter and enter the EU countries are allowed to work, and should attract highly qualified personnel from third countries to the 27 EU countries.

Since the entry into force 2009, according to the EU Parliament, only just 37. 000 Skilled workers using a blue card Third countries into the EU, more than three quarters of them to Germany.

The reform now provides for easier entry rules for highly qualified immigrants. Instead of a twelve-month employment contract in an EU country, a six-month contract will be sufficient in future to submit the application – or a corresponding permanent job offer. In future, applicants will not have to earn significantly more than the national average in their desired country, as has been the case in the past. In addition, family members of Blue Card specialists should be able to come to the EU more quickly and also be able to work themselves.

Parliament and member states had already reached an agreement in principle on the reform in May. Now the Council has to give its formal approval. The member states then have two years to translate the new rules into national law.

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