EU invests one billion in climate-friendly projects

Released on 16. 11. 2021

  • New hydrogen technology should be funded with EU funds. Photo: Friso Gentsch

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The economy should also become more climate-friendly. The European Union provides one billion euros for innovative projects.

Brussels (dpa) – The European Union wants to invest one billion euros in innovative projects for a more climate-friendly economy.

The money is coming from the innovation fund of the EU and should, among other things, flow into the retention and storage of carbon dioxide (CO2) and new hydrogen technology, as emerged from a communication from the EU Commission.

Specifically, according to the Commission, seven projects are being funded, for example in industry and the energy sector, which help reduce greenhouse gases and can be implemented quickly and efficiently.

For example, a project in France aims to bind unavoidable CO2 emissions in cement production and store them in the North Sea and in the cement itself. Other projects are planned in Belgium, Italy, Finland, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain and Sweden, as announced by the Commission.

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