EU countries are discussing increased energy prices

Released on 22.09. 2021

  • Wholesale prices for natural gas are rising and rising. Photo: Sina Schuldt

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Gas prices have been skyrocketing for months. Consumers are also feeling the effects of this. Now the EU countries want to consult.

Kranj (dpa) – The increased energy prices and effects for consumers are preoccupying the EU countries advised, said EU Energy Commissioner Kadri Simson before a meeting of the responsible heads of ministries of the EU countries in Slovenia To switch energies. This also creates independence from Russian gas imports, for example.

Wholesale prices for natural gas have been soaring for months. In many places, consumers are already feeling this. According to the comparison portals Verivox and Check 22, numerous regional gas providers have announced price increases for the fall. Natural gas is the main driver of energy prices, which were almost a quarter higher in August than a year earlier.

Before the meeting, the Spanish government asked the EU Commission to develop guidelines which national governments could orientate themselves in order to react to the rise in prices. The situation jeopardizes a fair switch to climate-friendly energy, according to a letter to the EU Commission, which is available to the German Press Agency.

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