Engineer rejects primary responsibility in the diesel process

Released on 23.09. 2021

  • In the VW emissions scandal, another engineer has dismissed the main responsibility. Photo: Julian Stratenschulte

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A former head of drive electronics at Volkswagen testified in court in the emissions scandal. The impressions about the fraud are wrong. He sees problems with the previous management culture.

Braunschweig (dpa) – In the diesel fraud trial, another defendant has rejected the main responsibility for the VW emissions scandal.

The impression that engineers had decided overnight Cheating customers is wrong, said a former head of drive electronics at Volkswagen. Four ex-managers and engineers of the group are indicted before the regional court in Braunschweig. Among other things, you are accused of commercial and gang fraud with manipulated software in millions of cars (Ref .: 6 KLs 23 / 19).

«I am deeply dismayed and could never have imagined to end up in court as a defendant, »said the engineer. He expressed his concerns about the so-called acoustic function early on. If he had recognized the development and the later extent, his resistance would certainly have been stronger then, said the defendant. «In the whole time I have never kept a secret about the acoustic function. I would never have thought of fraud against the customer. ”

In his admission, the engineer gave a lot of space to the former management culture at VW, which critics had long regarded as non-transparent and hierarchical. “To name a problem without knowing a solution was not wanted,” he said by way of example. According to him, concerns could certainly be raised – but if the superior decided otherwise, that would be done with. “It wasn’t my decision, the function was desired,” said the drive expert.

Looking back, he would have done a lot differently: “From today’s perspective, I would have had any contact with the function Have to knock down desks. ” The trial continued on Thursday with a defendant’s third appearance. He had announced that he would need about two days of negotiations for his version.

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