EEG surcharge will drop to the lowest level in ten years in 2022

Berlin (dpa) – The EEG surcharge for promoting green electricity has fallen 2022 to its lowest level in ten years. As the operators of the large power grids announced, the surcharge for the coming year will be 3. 723 cents per kilowatt hour. It will decrease by 2, 777 cents compared to the previous year.

A federal grant of 3, 25 billion euros, which will be financed exclusively from the income from CO2 pricing in the transport and heating sectors. Without this subsidy, the EEG surcharge 2022 would be 4, 657 cents.

The surcharge was last 2012 with then 3, 592 cents lower. According to the information, the most important reasons for the falling EEG surcharge are the high level of electricity prices on the exchange and the resulting high EEG account balance at 30. September 2021. Increasing sales revenues for renewable electricity reduce the need for subsidies considerably.

Electricity prices are unlikely to fall

The EEG surcharge, however, is only one component of the electricity price. In the industry, it is expected that a falling surcharge will stabilize electricity prices overall, but that the bottom line will not decrease electricity costs. On the other hand, procurement costs that energy suppliers have to pay for electricity have risen significantly Final consumer. An average household with an annual consumption of 3500 kilowatt hours is relieved by more than 100 euros per year, including VAT. The effects of rising energy prices would thus be dampened by the decrease in the EEG surcharge.

Demand to the new federal government

“The lower EEG surcharge is good news” , said Kerstin Andreae, head of the Federal Association of Energy and Water Management. This applies in particular against the background of the sharply rising procurement costs for electricity on the wholesale markets. “However, the lower EEG surcharge must not distract from the fact that the new federal government should decide to completely abolish the EEG surcharge in the coming legislative period as one of its first official acts. That would relieve electricity customers and, last but not least, small and medium-sized enterprises. ”

The effects of the falling levy on electricity prices depend on several other factors. In addition to the EEG surcharge, there are numerous other taxes, levies and surcharges. In addition, there would be network charges.

The head of the Association of Municipal Enterprises, Ingbert Liebing, said: «The EEG surcharge for 2022 is falling. That could be very good news for consumers – if it weren’t primarily the result of increased electricity prices at the moment and therefore unfortunately does not mean any lasting relief for electricity customers. ”

So that electricity in If the coming years become cheaper, the next federal government must decide on a swift reform of the taxes and surcharges. In the first step, the EEG surcharge should be reduced quickly and decisively through further subsidies, to zero.

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