Driver shortage: British ports complain about container backlogs

Released on 13.10. 2021

  • A container ship in the port of Southampton (archive picture). Photo: Andrew Matthews

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There is a lack of truck drivers in Great Britain. On the one hand, this leads to delivery problems for supermarkets, petrol stations and restaurants. On the other hand, the ports also complain of problems. 5000

London (dpa) – Shortly before the start of the important Christmas business, British ports are complaining about a backlog. The British media reported on Wednesday that container ships would be diverted or would have to wait for days at sea to enter.

Companies fear that this could lead to delays in the delivery of toys and electronic goods could. The fact that quite a few containers are waiting to be picked up is also due to the blatant lack of truck drivers. Therefore the cargo cannot be transported into the hinterland. In addition to the problem that has been known for months, there is now the usual increase due to the start of the Christmas business, the British Ports Association recently announced.

The government was confident. “The situation is improving,” said the general secretary of the ruling Conservative Party, Oliver Dowden, on Wednesday the broadcaster Sky News. “I’m confident that people will get their toys for Christmas.”

The driver shortage is not a British phenomenon, there are far fewer truck drivers in Germany and other EU countries than are needed. However, Brexit will worsen the situation in Great Britain, as strict immigration rules make it difficult for skilled workers to move in. The government, which wants to create a high-wage company in the course of leaving the EU, has issued up to 2021 temporary visas for foreign workers, to solve current bottlenecks.

Already in the previous year, containers had clogged the British ports just before Christmas. That was due to the consequences of the corona pandemic and the Brexit preparations, because many companies wanted to replenish their stocks before Britain left the EU customs union.

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