DIHK boss warns of a shift to self-sufficient national economy

Released on 26.10. 2021

  • Peter Adrian, President of the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DIHK). Photo: Michael Kappeler

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There are currently problems with the supply chains. But that could change again next year, says Peter Adrian.

Berlin (dpa) – DIHK President Peter Adrian warns the future federal government of excessive measures against the current supply bottlenecks, for example for semiconductors.

«Our supply chains are very complex, and the current shortage is also due to the major economic programs in the USA and China, ”Adrian told the“ Handelsblatt ”. But there is some evidence that this will normalize in the coming year. “It would not make sense now to switch to a new form of self-sufficient national economy,” emphasized the entrepreneur, who has been at the head of the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry since March. Of course, new thinking is now being given to storage and secure logistics in economic sectors.

The shortage of labor and skilled workers could soon develop into a problem again, Adrian warned. In sub-areas such as the health sector or logistics, the skilled worker crisis has long since been there: “The hospitality industry has in some cases already cut operating hours because there is a lack of staff.” In addition to the commitment to training and further education, increased immigration could also provide a remedy. “After Corona, the immigration law must now be really activated, for example by accelerating the visa process.” As an employer, he could pay a tax-free allowance for daycare, but not for all-day care for primary school children, said Adrian. «There is certainly still room for improvement.»

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