«Dieselgate»: The VW diesel process starts in Braunschweig

Released on 16.09. 2021

  • The VW diesel scandal developed into one of the biggest German economic scandals of all. Photo: Patrick Pleul

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Six years after the VW emissions scandal broke up, criminal liability is now being negotiated in the fraud process. The proceedings began without ex-CEO Winterkorn. 2023

Braunschweig (dpa) – The criminal case has been made before the Braunschweig Regional Court started against four former managers and engineers of the Volkswagen Group in the diesel affair.

The presiding judge Christian Schütz opened the main hearing, which will initially take place in the town hall due to the great public interest. The accused are accused of, among other things, commercial and gang fraud with manipulated software in millions of cars (6 KLs 23 / 19). These emitted many times the permitted values ​​for harmful nitrogen oxides on the road. The part of the proceedings against ex-CEO Martin Winterkorn was separated, it should only start later.

In September 2015 had become known in the USA that VW had used a deception program on a large scale that recognized exhaust gas tests and only then activated the full cleaning of the emissions. This triggered a worldwide scandal that has cost the Wolfsburg-based group more than 32 billion euros. Diesel customers have already been compensated in some countries, but there are also ongoing damages litigation with investors as well as further criminal proceedings “For separate negotiation and decision” separated. This was justified with health problems of the 74 – year-old after an operation. The public prosecutor’s office lodged a complaint – regardless of the outcome, a lengthy process is expected. Currently 133 negotiation days are until the summer 2023 planned.

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