Dax is largely giving up profits – weaker Wall Street

Frankfurt / Main (dpa) – The Dax only recovered moderately from its previous day’s losses on Thursday. The struggle for the mark of Points continue.

After a clear jump over this hurdle, the profits in later trading largely crumbled in the wake of a weaker Wall Street. Ultimately, the Dax closed with a plus of 0, 22 percent 15. 651, 22 Points. The MDax of the 60 medium-sized stock market values ​​went with a premium of 0, 31 Percent on 35. 557, 88 Counter in the end of the day.

Despite the slight catching-up movement at the local markets the mood remains a bit depressed, wrote market analyst Craig Erlam from broker Oanda in the evening. Investors are torn between the “buy the dip” approach – that is, buying in when the price falls sharply – and the growing list of economic and market risks, “which are becoming ever more evident,” according to Erlam.

Actors in the markets currently see rising inflation and a possible slowdown in the economic upswing as risks. In addition, the further steps of the US Federal Reserve, which has signaled a throttling of its bond purchases, are unclear.

The price recovery on Thursday in the leading index of the euro zone, the EuroStoxx 50 closed with plus 0, 58 percent 4169,87 Counter. The Cac 40 in Paris rose similarly, while the London FTSE 100 only posted moderate profits. The Dow Jones Industrial in New York was listed 0.5 percent lower at the close of European trading – even strong new economic data could not support the prices there.

Exceptionally on Thursday, the Dax stated 31 Members on the course board. The spin-off of the drive technology subsidiary Vitesco from Continental temporarily became a member of the leading index. Conti shareholders received one Vitesco share for five Continental shares.

Continental shares were sold for less than 100 euros due to the spin-off traded and slipped to 94, 89 euros by the end of trading. From a purely visual point of view, this meant a minus of around 1 percent. Adjusted for the spin-off, the result was a discount of almost 6 percent. At the top of the Dax, Siemens shares jumped to another record with an increase of around 2.1 percent.

A major order from the USA for the mechanical and plant engineering company Gea brought the shares a plus of around one percent. The day before, the Gea share certificates had reached their highest level in more than three and a half years.

For shares in Borussia Dortmund (BVB) it was at the end of the SDax to its lowest level in five months, the papers lost almost 12 percent. The football club wants to get fresh money with a capital increase. With the gross proceeds of around 86, the management wants to settle debts and compensate for losses from the corona pandemic.

The euro lost value and was last traded at 1. 1763 US dollars. The European Central Bank (ECB) had set the reference rate in the afternoon at 1, 1763 (Wednesday: 1, 1824) dollar. The dollar had thus cost 0, 8501 (0, 8457) euros.

On the bond market, the current yield rose from minus 0, 40 percent on the previous day to minus 0, 37 percent. The Rex bond index fell by 0, 12 percent to 144,94 Points. The Bund future fell by 0, 08 percent to 171,37 Points.

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