Dax hardly changed

Frankfurt / Main (dpa) – On the German stock market, the Dax ended a rather uneventful trading day with little change. Friendly US stock exchanges helped to contain somewhat higher losses at times. Ultimately, the leading index closed with minus 0, 05 percent 15. 199 , 13 Points.

The investors would stand market analyst Jochen Stanzl from CMC Markets stated that he was currently faced with the question of how to deal with the changed framework conditions such as high energy prices, sometimes weak economic data and the prospect of rising interest rates. “For better or worse, the stock market has to get used to an environment of higher inflation and higher interest rates. We’ll have to wait and see whether this succeeds without major injuries. ”

There had been significant price fluctuations in the past week. The German stock market barometer was meanwhile just above 14. 800 Points dropped almost to its low in May, before it then started a recovery course and even posted a small weekly plus.

The MDax of the mid-sized stock market prices rose this Monday by 0, 38 percent to 27. 536, 72 Counter to. The signs on the stock exchanges were inconsistent across Europe. The EuroStoxx 50, the leading index of the Eurozone, fell by 0, 02 Percent on 4072, 52 Points. In Paris the Cac 40 rose moderately, in London it went up a little more clearly. In the USA, profits were also recorded in Europe at the close of trading.

Among the individual stocks, Bayer stock was one of the favorites in the Dax with a price increase of 1.8 percent. The reason was speculation about a planned sale of the “Environmental Science Professional” (ESP) division. The car values ​​also showed a good plus. BMW gained 2.2 percent and Daimler at the top of the Dax rose by 2.9 percent. VW lagged behind with plus 0.4 percent. Hellofresh were at the bottom with minus 5.1 percent, which means that the paper from the cooking box supplier accelerated its downward slide after the record high in August.

In the MDax, the Teamviewer title was just under

Percent weakest value. The US investment bank Morgan Stanley has now expressed skepticism about the provider of software for remote maintenance and video conferencing, lowered its investment rating and also cut its target price of 48,00 on 18, 50 Euro. The Teamviewer share slumped last week as a result of a massive profit warning and on that day temporarily fell to a record low of 13,89 Euro. From trading on Monday, it just went below 14, 18 Euro.

The shares of Adler Group lost 2.5 percent in the SDax on 11,70 euros, while LEG in the MDax rose by 1.3 percent. The real estate group, which recently got into difficult waters, wants more than 15. 00 Sell 0 residential units to LEG and at the same time with good 05 percent share in the real estate portfolio. The Adler papers had fallen to a record low of a good 9 euros in the previous week following balance sheet allegations by a stock market speculator, but by the end of the week they were down to 12 recover euros. The company had denied the allegations “in the strongest”.

The exchange rate of the euro rose in the late afternoon to 1. 1573 US dollar. The European Central Bank set the reference rate at 1, 1574 (Friday: 1, 1569) dollar. The dollar cost 0, 8640 (0, 8644) euros. On the bond market, the current yield rose from minus 0. 25 percent on Friday to minus 0. 24 percent. The Rex bond index fell by 0, 05 percent to 143,95 Points. The Bund future fell by 0, 27 percent to 168,75 Points.

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