Dax gives up profits on the “big expiry day”

Frankfurt / Main (dpa) – The Dax has again the fight for the brand of 15 700 on Friday ) Points added. As on the previous two trading days, the German benchmark index was noticeably out of breath after jumping over this hurdle. 09 Percent in minus at 15. 638, 23 points.

Stockbrokers also saw the so-called big expiry date with expiring futures contracts as a reason on stocks and indices on the futures exchanges. Investors often try to move prices in a direction that is favorable to them. Therefore, there can often be strong price fluctuations even without news. Stockbrokers always speak of the “Great Fall” when the last trading day of all four types of derivatives, i.e. options and futures on indices and individual stocks, falls on the same day.

The mood in trading remains meanwhile, given concerns about inflation and the economy and the unclear further steps taken by the US Federal Reserve continue to be characterized by uncertainty Friday – unlike the Dax – claim in the profit zone, here was last a plus of 0, 34 percent to 35 679,50 Counter. The European leading index EuroStoxx 50 also turned into the red, with most recently 0, 10 percent to 4165, 79 Counter.

Commerzbank made headlines on the corporate side. According to a report in the “Handelsblatt”, the financial investor Cerberus shows interest in the shares held by the federal government. The Commerzbank shares, which had been flagging for months, were among the MDax favorites with a price increase of almost 3 percent.

Continental were the front runners in the Dax. With an increase of around 2.2 percent, they recovered a little from the most recent price kink after the spin-off of the drive technology specialist Vitesco.

Vitesco shares moved up by two and a half percent to last 60, 37 Euro before, after a rather mixed market start on Thursday. The shares of the car rental company Sixt stood out in the back ranks of the stock exchange, they rose at times with a price increase of more than seven percent to a high since the beginning of June and are thus heading more towards their previous record.

For the Dax Friday is the last trading day with 30 members. After the close of trading, the German benchmark index will be increased. With stocks like Zalando or Hellofresh, the most important German stock market barometer is getting younger and more colorful. From Monday on, the leading index will have 40 values, including Airbus, another heavyweight.

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