Dax gains ahead of Fed signals

Frankfurt / Main (dpa) – In the German stock market, investors ventured again on Wednesday before the monetary policy signals from the US Federal Reserve.

The leading index Dax won in the first Trading hour 0, 26 percent on 15. 388, 62 Points. At times it had almost completely made up for the losses recorded since the beginning of the week.

The MDax of the medium-sized stock market values ​​also presented itself in a friendly manner on Wednesday with plus 0, 39 percent 35.123,24 Counter. The European benchmark index EuroStoxx 50 gained almost half a percent.

Concerns about the Chinese real estate group Evergrande, which is threatened by collapse, initially had little impact on the share price. Evergrande claims that it has now given itself some breathing space by entering into an agreement with domestic creditors to pay interest on a bond due on Thursday. On the Chinese mainland stock exchanges, price losses were limited after a holiday break, while there was no trading in Hong Kong. “It looks as if those who wanted to sell already did so on Monday in Hong Kong,” said market observer Thomas Altmann of asset manager QC Partners Experts usher in a turnaround in monetary policy. With high inflation and advances in the labor market, they expect the bond purchases initiated in the pandemic to support the economy will soon be reduced. Market participants pay particular attention to information on the exact schedule.

In the Dax, the shares of Deutsche Post were among the biggest losers with minus 1.7 percent, after the US competitor Fedex won the Missed market expectations and lowered the forecast. With a plus of 1.6 percent, Siemens shares moved closer to the record high reached a few days ago.

At the top of the MDax, Ströer shares rose by 3.5 percent. JPMorgan’s analyst Marcus Diebel remains optimistic about the out-of-home advertising sector, which should benefit from increasing passenger numbers at airports and train stations as well as revitalized city centers Outlook by more than 13 percent. Traton shares lost 0.7 percent after more cautious tones from the bus and truck manufacturer.

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