Dax expands profits

Frankfurt / Main (dpa) – The latest resolutions by the US Federal Reserve and the somewhat diminishing concerns about the Chinese real estate company Evergrande pushed the Dax further on Thursday.

The Fed had the previous evening met investor expectations, there were no negative surprises. Because interest rates are still in the basement, there is no alternative to stocks for the time being, commented analyst Jeffrey Halley from broker Oanda in the morning.

The Dax rose by another 1 in the first hour of trading, 08 Percent on 15. 673, 70 points. Because of the Evergrande imbalance and concerns about a possible Chinese real estate crisis, the leading German index was still at 15 on Monday. 019 Points slipped to their lowest level since May. By the middle of the week he had already ironed out his losses. The MDax of the medium-sized stock market values ​​so far gained 1, 22 percent to 35. 635, 46 Counter. The European benchmark index EuroStoxx 50.

Evergrande announced on Wednesday that it was talking to creditors about interest payments for agreed a bond traded in Shenzhen, southern China, that matures on Thursday. Investors on the Hong Kong stock exchange reacted with relief and pushed Evergrande’s price up.

Purchasing manager indices from Germany turned out worse than expected in the morning, but Helaba believes it is continue to regard the mood as solid. The economists of the Landesbank do not see any acute pressure to act for the European Central Bank (ECB). Graduation by Bank of America. A lowering of the forecast by the French auto supplier Faurecia also rebounded. However, Faurecia also gained very significantly in Paris.

The price increase in Henkel shares continued after a higher forecast for the year by US adhesives competitor Fuller. The Henkel preferred shares listed in the Dax gained 1.2 percent.

Technology stocks were in demand across Europe in the still favorable interest rate environment. Infineon gained 2.3 percent in the Dax, Aixtron 2.8 percent in the MDax.

With a plus of a good nine percent in the SDax small cap index, the shares of the biofuel manufacturer Verbio recovered from their high previous day losses. The investment bank Stifel also significantly increased the price target for Verbio on Thursday.

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