Dax curbs losses

Frankfurt / Main (dpa) – The Dax made up part of its losses in late trading on Wednesday. The course was thus similar to that on Wall Street, which once again acted as a clock.

The coalition agreement of the future traffic light government in Germany made up of the SPD, Greens and FDP that was presented in the afternoon was generally well received by the market .

At the end of trading, the German benchmark index was still 0, 37 Percent lower to 12. 878, 39 points. A further clouded mood in the German economy and the corona and inflation worries had put him under significant pressure and up to just under 15. 741 Counter driven.

The MDax closed with minus 0 in the middle of the week , 65 percent on 34. 826, 43 Points. In New York, the Dow Jones Industrial was barely in the red at the close of European trading. The EuroStoxx 25 as the leading index of the Eurozone also largely made up for its losses with a minus at the end of trading of only 0 18 percent on 4276, 25 Points. In Paris the stock exchange closed hardly changed, in London a little higher.

The capital market experts from asset manager Fidelity International wrote about the coalition agreement of the future federal government that it was positive for the German economy and the capital markets, even if it was entirely great litter had not been achieved. But it is a good sign that results have been achieved relatively quickly. This is elementary in the global context. If the coalition negotiations are a harbinger for the future in this regard, that is optimistic.

Drägerwerk collapsed by twelve percent among the individual values ​​because the medical and safety technology provider after the special boom in the Corona -Pandemic is now only looking ahead cautiously. DZ Bank then downgraded the papers from “Buy” to “Sell”, that is by two notches. The outlook for 2022 was hugely disappointing and clearly missed its already low expectations, wrote analyst Sven Kürten in his study.

The Ceconomy shares slipped 10, 6 percent off. The electronics retailer is particularly at risk from renewed restrictions in the European Corona winter, wrote Bryan Garnier analyst Clement Genelot.

The chart of Aixtron shares deteriorated further by 6.2 percent . Berenberg analyst Charlotte Friedrichs cut her earnings forecasts for the specialist equipment manufacturer because she expected the order flow to decline in the short term Housing adjusted for subscription rights. At the end of trading, Vonovia subscription rights were quoted at 4, 09 Euros and the Vonovia shares listed in the Dax with 51, 90 Euro – in total almost 52 Euro. The day before the Vonovia papers were at 52, 72 Euro gone out of trading.

For the first time since the middle of 2020 the euro fell below 1, 12 U.S. dollar. Most recently, $ 1 1194 was paid for it. In the afternoon, the European Central Bank (ECB) set the reference rate at 1, 1206 (Tuesday: 1, 1259) dollar, the dollar thus 0, 8924 (0, 8882) Euro.

The prices of German government bonds tended to cash more easily on Wednesday. The bond index Rex lost 0, 05 percent to 144,92 Points. In return, the current yield rose from minus 0. 37 percent the previous day to minus 0. 36 percent. The Bund future won 0, 05 Percent on 170, 71 counter.

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