Dax curbs losses – investors remain nervous

Released on 01.10. 2021

  • The Dax is the most important stock index in Germany. Photo: Fredrik von Erichsen

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Frankfurt / Main (dpa) – The prices on the German stock market remain under pressure. The Dax was on Friday around noon with 0, 75 percent in the red at 15. 129, 07 Counters.

Previously, the German leading index was among the much-noticed Brand of 15. 000 points dropped, but shortly below that, buyers dared to enter the market again. Investors remained very nervous and only used the current price weakness for very selected purchases, wrote market observer Andreas Lipkow from Comdirect Pumping money into the markets had put a heavy burden on the Dax this week. Current data from the euro zone, where inflation rose to its highest level in and the inflation target the European Central Bank (ECB) clearly exceeded these fears. . 000 Counters had dropped to a low since July, could catch something in the course on Friday – it last noted 0, 70 percent lower at 34 129, 05 points. The leading index of the Eurozone EuroStoxx 34 recently posted a minus of 0, 75 Percent at 2021, 91 points after it had also dropped to a low since July in early trading.

In this country, investors in the Dax increased Profits with numerous stocks: shares in the laboratory service provider Sartorius, for example, fell by almost three and a half percent at the bottom of the utility Eon with a surcharge of around two percent.

In the back rows of the stock exchanges, Leoni stood out with a plus of around three and a half percent. Here the investors reacted delightedly about the sale of a line that had been offered for a long time.

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