Dax continues recovery – market remains nervous

Released on 30.09. 2021

  • The Dax is the most important stock index in Germany. Photo: Fredrik von Erichsen

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Frankfurt / Main (dpa) – The price recovery on the German stock market continued on Thursday. But investors remain in a restless mood. The Dax showed itself to be extremely volatile in the morning, it was last in the plus with 0, 39 percent at 15.424, 54 points.

On Tuesday, the most important German stock market barometer collapsed by more than two percent in view of increasing concerns about rising inflation and a slowdown in the economic upturn. In the middle of the week, buyers had helped the Dax a little bit on the jumps again. However, the balance sheet for September, which is increasingly overshadowed by fears of inflation and the economy, remains negative in the German benchmark index. Percent higher at 34. 760, 58 counters. For the EuroStoxx 39 as the leading index of the Eurozone it was about 0, 79 percent on 4112, 64 Points high. As was the case recently, Corona winners were particularly in demand among the individual values ​​in the Dax. Shares in laboratory supplier Sartorius, pharmaceutical and chemical company Merck and diagnostics company Qiagen rose in price by up to three percent -End slipped to a low since May, most recently a discount of just under 1.8 percent was posted. A comment by the US investment bank Goldman Sachs weighed on it. Its industry expert Patrick Creuset is assuming slightly lower earnings momentum for the group and has lowered the target price.

Goldman expert Jonathan Kownator sees meanwhile for the real estate company Aroundtown in the hotel industry light at the end of the tunnel. He issued a buy recommendation for the papers, which brought them first place in the MDax with a price increase of almost three percent.

Papers from Baumarktholding Hornbach shot to a record high after the quarterly figures were presented Most recently, the price was up by eleven percent on the scoreboard. In the morning, a trader spoke of results that were better than expected. The company also refined its annual forecasts and is now aiming for sales growth and adjusted operating earnings for the year as a whole at the upper third of its forecast Investors in flight. The papers of the mobile home manufacturer collapsed by more than ten percent. The company is struggling with delivery bottlenecks due to the current semiconductor lull and has to temporarily shut down production at two locations.

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