Data protection officer: regulate social networks more

Released on 06.10. 2021

  • Data protection officers are calling for more regulation of social networks. Photo: Fabian Sommer

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After all services belonging to the Facebook group such as Whatsapp and Instagram had failed for several hours, there are now calls for stronger regulation.

Hamburg (dpa) – Hamburg’s acting data protection officer Ulrich Kühn has called for stricter regulation of social networks after the hours of failure of the Facebook services.

«The consistent enforcement of data protection law Requirements in Europe would be a necessary first step, ”said Kühn of the“ Augsburger Allgemeine ”. He expects that efforts to regulate the Facebook group more closely will also increase internationally.

“In the USA, Facebook is currently under considerable political pressure because of its non-transparent business practices” said Kühn. His authority is responsible for Facebook in Germany. The failure made it clear how much Facebook has now linked its social networks. “The fact that all major services – Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram – were affected at the same time shows the close proximity of these products and their ever greater merging with one another.”

“The ongoing efforts to to interlink the services in terms of content and to use data from one service for the other, ”said Kühn. Here, however, his authority was unable to enforce at European level to prohibit the use of personal WhatsApp data for Facebook purposes. The failure also shows how much Facebook is operated in Europe, contrary to other statements from the USA. «The apparent independence of the European provider Facebook Ireland Ltd. and WhatsApp Ireland Ltd. exists mainly on paper. »

Technical problems with Facebook and its daughters WhatsApp and Instagram led to an outage of around six hours on Monday.

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