Creditreform Rating: Low payment problems for companies

Released on 27.09. 2021

  • Despite the corona pandemic, companies in Germany met their payment obligations with unusual reliability in the past year. Photo: Rolf Vennenbernd

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The corona pandemic has made many companies in Germany difficult. However, the payment behavior has not suffered – on the contrary.

Neuss (dpa) – Despite the corona pandemic, companies in Germany met their payment obligations in the past year with unusual reliability.

The failure rate is 2020 with 1,14 Percent fell to an all-time low, the credit reporting agency Creditreform Rating reported on Monday. The market observers rate insolvency proceedings and the failure to meet payment obligations as a failure. The temporary suspension of the obligation to file for insolvency played a major role in this context. “This is due on the one hand to ongoing government support measures, on the other hand to the noticeable economic recovery,” said Creditreform expert Benjamin Mohr. However, there is an extremely high level of uncertainty in all economic forecasts.

Large companies have no role models

Contrary to the significant reduction in defaults at the macroeconomic level According to the study, the situation in medium-sized and large companies is somewhat different. The failure rates in medium-sized companies (from 27 million euros in sales) and in large companies with annual sales of at least 250 million euros would have increased comparatively significantly, mainly due to payment arrears.

In The primary industry, which includes the chemical and energy industries, has the lowest risk of failure. Despite the declines, the highest risk of failure still exists in the transport and logistics sector. In the case of consumer-related service providers, the failure rates have fallen significantly.

Companies in the eastern German states tend to be less at risk of failure than companies in the western German states. As in previous years, Thuringia led the ranking with a view to the lowest risk of default, closely followed by Saxony. Berlin has with 1, 75 percent also 2020 had the highest average failure rate of all countries. In rural regions, the risk of failure is still lower than in cities and metropolitan areas.

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