Corona crisis continues to weigh heavily on German airports

Released on 28.09. 2021

  • In the summer, the number of passengers at German airports rose again. Photo: Frank Rumpenhorst

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It is getting full again on the runways at German airports. The number of passengers rose significantly in the summer. Economically, the locations are far from being over the top. 2021

Schönefeld (dpa) – Despite increasing passenger numbers, the economic situation at German airports remains tense.

As before, about 15 Percent of all jobs at the respective locations at risk, for example 10 percent have already largely been reduced in a socially acceptable manner, said the Airport Association ADV (Association of German Commercial Airports). “Unfortunately our numbers for 2021 are such that you can see that we are still in dire economic straits,” said ADV- President Stefan Schulte after a meeting of the industry at the capital airport BER.

Accordingly, the turnover in the current year across all airports is only 50 Percentage of the pre-crisis level of 2019. Once again, an operational loss of billions of EUR 1.5 billion is to be expected. That is significantly less than 2020 when the industry recorded a pre-tax loss of 2.1 billion euros due to the collapse in passenger numbers . 2019 the locations made an overall operating profit of 800 million euros.

Business travel starts again

Nevertheless, there is a gradual recovery in the To record passenger numbers, said Schulte. Business travel is also starting up again. “Not all business customers will come back,” said Schulte. «But there is agreement that in the next two to three years we will work on 70 to 80 Percentage of the original business travel will be. »

Overall it is for a full return of air traffic to the pre-crisis level, there is still a long way to go. Even in the best week of this summer, the number of passengers at German airports was only 55 percent of a comparable figure The week before the crisis. “The pandemic will stay with us for a while,” said Schulte.

Nevertheless, over the past few weeks, travelers may have had the feeling that everything is back to normal: long queues and full planes are definitely part of everyday life at airports. This is mainly due to strong demand peaks in certain periods, it said. In addition, pandemic requirements such as vaccination passport controls delayed processes. Despite the limited capacity in the terminals, the punctuality rate is at the pre-crisis level could use short-time work. That is «appropriate» and «sensible».

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