Consumer advocates want social compensation for CO2 prices

Released on 20.09. 2021

  • The CO2 price should be noticeable when refueling in the future. Consumer advocates are calling for social compensation. Photo: Sven Hoppe

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The CO2 price on oil and gas will continue to rise in the coming years. Consumer advocates warn of the consequences, especially for low-income people – and make demands on politicians.

Berlin (dpa) – The Federation of German Consumer Organizations (vzbv) calls for the income from the CO2 price on oil and gas to be reimbursed in full to the citizens. This emerges from a position paper that the association published on Monday.

Accordingly, the consumer advocates are urging that the CO2 surcharge on fossil fuels that has been in force since January 1st is independent of his Amount of a so-called climate check – a per capita reimbursement – flows back to the consumer. In the short term, the federal government should relieve the citizens of the costs of more climate protection by lowering the EEG surcharge and overall electricity prices.

The CO2 price in transport and for heating is currently 25 euros per ton of CO2. It makes the use of climate-damaging fuels more expensive and is intended to create incentives for the use of clean energy sources. Until 2025 the price should be on 55 euros rise. As a result, consumers have to pay more at the pump and for heating – unless clean alternatives are used. A regulation that ensures that this does not result in disproportionately high financial burdens would have to be made by a future federal government want to cushion the consumption of heating and fuels in a consumer-friendly and socially responsible manner, ”said vzbv board member Klaus Müller.

In addition to its position paper, the association also published the results of a survey commissioned by it on Monday of the market research institute Kantar. According to the representative survey, a majority of citizens (55 percent) would agree to higher CO2 prices if a direct compensation were created – about a repayment per person.

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