Construction union calls arbitration in collective bargaining round

Released on 27.09. 2021

  • The construction union calls an arbitrator again in the deadlocked collective bargaining round. Photo: Demy Becker

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The collective bargaining talks are deadlocked, the union speaks of a blocking attitude on the part of the employer. Can an arbitrator judge it again?

Schönefeld (dpa) – In the tariff dispute for the around 890. 000 Employees in the construction industry should now move a mediator.

After the negotiations were broken off, the As expected, the industrial union Bauen-Agrar-Umwelt (IG BAU) started the arbitration on Monday. As in the previous year, the President of the Federal Social Court, Rainer Schlegel, is to lead the talks.

«Arbitration is the last chance: either the employers give up their blockade or a nationwide decision Strike on the construction sites », warned IG-BAU boss Robert Feiger. The union put the strike risk as “fifty-fifty”.

The fifth round of negotiations last week also had no result. The union is demanding 5.3 percent more wages and salaries for employees. The wages in the east are to be adjusted to the level in the west. Here the employers still have to move considerably, it was said.

The central point of contention in the group is the demand to compensate construction workers for their sometimes long journeys to construction sites. IG BAU asked for an acceptable offer. The collective agreement in the booming construction industry was on 30. June expired.

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