Construction collective bargaining canceled without result

Released on 22.09. 2021

  • Participant in a demonstration by IG Bau. Photo: Nicolas Armer

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The collective agreement in the construction industry expired at the end of June. A result of the collective bargaining was expected for Wednesday – but the differences are large.

Schönefeld (dpa) – The collective bargaining for the around 890. 000 Employees in the German construction industry have been terminated without result.

An arbitration procedure is now expected, such as the main association of The German construction industry and the Central Association of the German Construction Industry and the industrial union Bauen-Agrar-Umwelt (IG BAU) announced after the fifth round of negotiations in Schönefeld on Wednesday.

Union chief Robert Feiger and negotiator Carsten Burckhardt declared the negotiations for failed. “The signs point to labor disputes.” Before that, the arbitration board will probably be called on Monday.

Travel expenses as a point of dispute

The central point of contention was once again the demand that construction workers for their sometimes wide Compensate for trips to construction sites. “We’re not going to give up,” said Feiger. “60 On average, the construction workers drive kilometers to their locations and have no influence on this, today here, tomorrow there.”

“We would have liked to have achieved a result today,” said Jutta Beeke, Vice President of the Construction Industry. “Because the union repeatedly wanted to make mileage allowance the actual focus of the negotiations, it was not possible to conclude the remuneration round.”

IG BAU also demands 5.3 for employees Percent more wages and salaries. The wages in the east are to be adjusted to the level in the west.

«We would have been prepared to reach an agreement in the wage and salary negotiations with the involvement of the east / west through a significantly improved offer – to achieve alignment », said employer negotiator Uwe Nostitz. The collective agreement in the booming construction industry was on 30. June expired.

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