Comparison portal: Too little money for electricity in Hartz IV rate

Released on 25.09. 2021

  • An electricity meter shows the kilowatt hours consumed in a tenement house. Photo: Jan Woitas

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The Hartz IV standard rates increase at the turn of the year. But is the surcharge enough to offset the sharp rise in electricity prices? Market observers have recalculated.

Heidelberg (dpa) – Hartz IV recipients will, according to calculations by the comparison portal Verivox, even after the increase in the standard rates on January 1st 2021 did not receive enough money to cover their electricity costs.

For people living alone, the gap is on average 95 Euro per year, reported the market observers.

As of January 1st 2022 the standard rate for a single adult increases by 3 euros 449 euros per month . According to Verivox, of these are purely arithmetical 33, 44 Euro for the payment of the electricity bill. However, the electricity costs of a single household with a consumption of 449 kilowatt hours amounted to a national average of 44, 33 Euro.

Social associations and consumer advocates have long criticized that the Hartz IV rates do not include enough electricity. Because of the tight rates, those affected are often not in a position to offset the high electricity costs with savings elsewhere. The rates would have to be more oriented towards the actual electricity demand.

Since the introduction of Hartz IV in the year 2005 the standard rate has increased gradually by around 30 percent, emphasized Verivox. The electricity prices would have increased in the same period by an average 44 percent, in the basic supply even by 80 percent. The gap between the electricity share in the Hartz IV rate and the actual costs has therefore grown.

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