Comparison portal: gas and electricity prices are rising sharply

Released on 20.09. 2021

  • In the coming months, electricity and gas consumption for households will be a significantly more expensive item. Photo: Marcus Brandt

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It will be an expensive winter for consumers: The prices for gas and electricity are rising to a record level, as a comparison portal has calculated.

Munich (dpa) – The gas and electricity prices for consumers are the comparison portal Check 24 according to record levels and continue to rise. A model household with a consumption of 20. 000 Kilowatt hours of gas currently pay on average 1516 Euro annually.

50 Basic suppliers have already increased their prices or announced price increases – on average by 11, 5 percent, announced the comparison portal on Monday. For the model household, this means additional costs of 143 euros per year.

With the recovery of the economy after the corona restrictions, the stock exchange price for gas has risen to an all-time high. Consumers “must expect a wave of gas price increases this winter,” said Check 24 – Managing Director Steffen Suttner. “This is not least due to the rising CO2 tax. A model household pays 2022 for this alone 143 Euro. »

Electricity generation has become more expensive

The electricity price is also at a record high. A sample household with 5000 kilowatt hours of consumption currently pays on average 1532 euros annually. Eight basic suppliers have raised their prices or announced increases, on average by 3.7 percent. That increases the cost of the electricity bill of the model household by 63 euros per year.

Check named as reasons for the price increase for electricity 24 rising prices for Natural gas, hard coal and CO2 emission certificates. Increasing demand for electricity would be offset by lower generation capacities due to the phase-out of hard coal and the less windy September. Politicians could relieve consumers by canceling the EEG surcharge, said Suttner: “A family would be like this 387 Save euros a year. »

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