Christmas trees as expensive as last year

Hanover (dpa) – Despite inflation, delivery bottlenecks and increasing transport and personnel costs, the Christmas tree planters assume that the Christmas trees will cost about the same this year as last.

«Basically, we assume that prices will remain constant, but of course there may also be price increases in individual segments,» predicts Saskia Blümel, Managing Director of the Federal Association of Christmas Tree Manufacturers, two months before Christmas.

According to the association, the particularly popular Nordmann fir will cost between 21 and 27 euros per meter, as in the previous season. Blue firs are cheaper with 12 to 16 euros, for spruces 9 to 12 euros taken. “Many trees in Germany are marketed directly in family businesses. In contrast to buying from a dealer, for example, there are no higher transport costs,” explains Blümel. The branch spokeswoman also explains the relatively large price range with the different quality of the trees.

Most buyers choose the Nordmann fir

According to the growers, this is particularly good this year . “There have been few failures this year: it rained enough in the summer and we did not have to deal with late frosts in the spring,” says Blümel. Bottlenecks are not expected. According to the information, around 80 percent of people usually opt for a Nordmann fir.

Blümel assumes that the demand for trees will remain about the same. In the pandemic year 2020, many new customers were won who would have learned to appreciate the Christmas season in a different way due to contact restrictions and closed restaurants during the pandemic. “We assume that many who bought a tree for the first time last year will be repeat offenders this year,” she says People are increasingly tending towards smaller trees when buying. “That could be due to the fact that there is less and less living space and more single households than there was a few years ago,” speculates Blümel. The average tree size goes in the direction of 1, 50 to 1, 75 meters, earlier more large trees were sold. “It is important for the customer that the tree is slim and takes up little space.” Millions of Christmas trees sold. A tree with a size of 1, 75 meter to 2 meters takes about ten years to mature.

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