Car rental company: “Not in the first place for manufacturers”

Released on 25.09. 2021

  • At the car rental company Sixt, rental cars currently cost on average 10 to 12 percent more than still 2019. Photo: Peter Kneffel

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In the lockdown, car rental companies have reduced their fleets. Now they are increasing the fleet again. However, this causes difficulties.

Munich (dpa) – According to industry information, rental cars now cost significantly more due to the production bottlenecks at the car manufacturers. «In Germany we are currently on average 10 to 20 Percent above the prices of 2019 », Said a spokeswoman for the largest German car rental company Sixt.

For 2022 According to Sixt, the effects of the carmaker’s supply bottlenecks on the offerings of the rental companies and the development of market prices are difficult to predict.

The President of the Federal Association of Car Rental Companies (BAV), Jens Hilgerloh , said: “At the moment things are going quite well because the demand is stable” – although at a lower level than before Corona, but “at higher prices”. Usually the German car rental companies bought the manufacturers 350. 000 until 400.000 Cars from, «these are 10 until 12 Percent of the total market, ”said Hilgerloh of the German press agency. Large landlords would get corresponding customer discounts.

Missing components

But now, despite high demand, manufacturers cannot build hundreds of thousands of cars because semiconductors and other components are missing. The result: delivery times are getting longer, car buyers get fewer discounts. Hilgerloh estimates that 20 to 25 Percentage of the vehicles required by the rental companies in Germany cannot be delivered and thus approximately 75. 000 are missing in the fleets. Because “the car rental companies are not the number one priority for manufacturers.”

On the one hand, car manufacturers earned more from selling cars to private customers than from cars for rental fleets. Daimler boss Ola Källenius recently said at the IAA that Mercedes-Benz wanted to sell cars at “premium prices” and not with lower returns to car rental companies.

On the other hand, they had business relationships during the Corona -Suffered lockdowns, said Hilgerloh. Despite delivery agreements with manufacturers, some landlords would not have wanted to buy any new vehicles because their cars were already blocking the parking spaces at airport stations. All major car rental companies had reduced their fleets significantly during the Corona crisis and are now increasing them again.

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