BMW starts series production of the “Tesla Fighter” i4

Released on 22.10. 2021

  • The i4 model was already presented at the Barcelona auto show. Photo: David Zorrakino

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The conversion of production to the construction of e-cars is in full swing at the Munich carmaker. Now the first series copies of the i4 model are ready.

Munich (dpa) – Three months after the electric SUV BMW iX, the carmaker has also started series production of the fully electric BMW i4. The first vehicle rolled off the assembly line at the main plant in Munich on Friday.

“The start-up of the BMW i4 is a milestone for this plant and its team on the way to e-mobility”, said production director Milan Nedeljković. «Ab 2023 more than half of all vehicles from Munich have an electrified drive. Most of it will be fully electric. »

So far, around 2030 Employees every day about 614 cars of the 3 and 4 series as well as 2000 petrol and diesel engines. But at the end of the year production of the four-cylinder engines was relocated to Hams-Hall in England and Steyr in Austria. 2024 the relocation of the Munich engine construction should be completed.

petrol, Diesel, hybrid – everything runs in parallel

With a “Tesla Fighter”, automakers want to compete with the industry pioneer Tesla in the market for electric cars. Tesla’s Model 3 and the BMW i4 are targeting the same buyer groups. BMW has in the first nine months of the year 358. 184 3 and 4 series cars sold. Competitor Tesla sold in the same period 390. 358 E-cars Model 3 and the model Y derived from it.

The fully electric i4 is running in Munich from the same production line as the 3 and 4 series with gasoline, diesel and hybrid drives. “We have managed to integrate the vehicle into our existing production system while production is running,” said Plant Manager Peter Weber. The conversion cost 200 million euros.

New plant in Hungary

The Gran Coupé i4 differs from the 3 and 4 series mainly in the electric drive and the battery. In the body shop 90 percent of the existing production facilities are also used for the i4.

The i4 is a trailblazer for the next generation of vehicles, the “New Class”, which is “uncompromisingly geared towards electric drives,” it said. The construction of these vehicles with a new platform, new batteries and new software is to start 2025 in the planned BMW plant in Hungary and then on all plants and model classes are rolled out. 2030 BMW wants to sell around three million cars, half of them fully electric.

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