Better wages: British bus drivers switch to the truck industry

Released on 24.10. 2021

  • In London, a man walks past the trailer of a truck that reads on the tarpaulin, “We are hiring. Driver and warehouse workers ». Photo: Dominic Lipinski

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There is currently a massive shortage of truck drivers in the UK. Many bus drivers are now switching to the logistics industry. Will there soon also be a shortage in bus traffic?

London (dpa) – According to a report, many British bus drivers decide to switch to the logistics industry due to better wages.

The emigration goes back to the blatant shortage of truck drivers , which will raise wages in the industry, said Bobby Morton of the union Unite on Sunday the broadcaster Sky News. Just like truck drivers, bus drivers would have long shifts and not enough toilets and sanitary facilities.

“So now people think if we have to continue working under these Victorian conditions, then we can drive a truck for 20 pounds an hour instead of a bus for ten pounds an hour, “explained Morton. “That’s why bus drivers are going to the other branch in droves.”

According to the Confederation of Passenger Transport UK, around 4000 UK bus drivers. As a result, connections are already canceled on some routes. The Department of Transport said it had already accelerated the procedures for driving tests and provisional bus driving licenses.

The massive shortage of truck drivers has caused significant problems in the UK in recent weeks. A number of petrol stations were left on dry land because the fuel could not be transported to them. Supermarket shelves also remained partially empty. Many drivers from the EU returned to their home countries during the pandemic and will not be able to easily live and work in the UK again after Brexit. The government issued temporary visas to alleviate the situation and let the military help out. A real relaxation of the situation is not in sight.

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