Beer is getting more expensive

Released on 19. 10. 2021

  • The costs for breweries rise significantly – with an impact on the beer price. Photo: Rainer Jensen

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In many areas of life the costs are increasing. A number of breweries are also announcing price increases. At least there should be a grace period.

Düsseldorf (dpa) – Beer is expected to become more expensive across the board soon. In view of the increased energy, logistics and raw material costs, a number of large breweries have announced price increases for the coming spring Krombacher and Veltins are increasing their prices for draft and bottled beer, as they confirmed to the dpa. The industry service «GetränkeNews» had previously reported on the plans.

A spokeswoman for the Radeberger Group justified the price increases with massive increases in energy, logistics, empties and Raw materials and supplies. Krombacher pointed out that the last major price adjustment was three years ago. According to estimates by the industry service “GetränkeNews”, the price increase should mean that the glass of beer in the pub is between 30 and 50 cents more expensive, the crate of beer in the beverage market by around 1 euro.

However, beer lovers still have a grace period: Radeberger does not want to start raising prices until February. Retail prices are not even expected to rise until May. Krombacher and Veltins want to turn the price screw at the beginning of April.

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