Bayer wins glyphosate lawsuit – Supreme Court more important

Released on 06.10. 2021

  • Bayer claims to have prevailed in a glyphosate trial in Los Angeles. Photo: Hendrik Schmidt

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Not every glyphosate process in the US is lost. Important for the battered Bayer Group, but that does not mean a turnaround. For this a decision by the highest court is required.

Los Angeles (dpa) – The Bayer Group, which has been grappling with billions in glyphosate legal disputes for years, has won a lawsuit for the weed killer alleged cancer risks for the first time in the United States.

The jury found on Tuesday (local time) in Los Angeles that a boy with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma was not diagnosed with the use of the glyphosate pesticide Roundup.

“We did great sympathy for Ezra Clark and his family, ”said a statement from Bayer. At the same time, the jury’s verdict confirms its view that glyphosate is safe when used properly. To this end, the company repeatedly cites scientific studies.

Although the current case should not be extrapolated, it shows that a glyphosate lawsuit against Bayer is not a sure-fire success, commented a trader recent development. The case could provide Bayer arguments in the settlement negotiations for pending lawsuits.

More glyphosate lawsuits from summer 2018

This is how the glyphosate lawsuits were due to a defeat in a trial in the summer 2018 shot up. Two more failures for Bayer have followed since then. Much more important than the current victory in the trial in Los Angeles is the upcoming decision of the highest US court in another case.

Because: Bayer boss Werner Baumann relies on one Supreme court decision to bring about a fundamental turnaround. To this end, Bayer filed an application for a revision of the Hardeman case with the Supreme Court in the summer. Should the judges accept him for decision and later judge in the interests of Bayer, this would have a signal effect. The Germans promise to be able to basically end the glyphosate disputes.

Bayer has provisions of 4.5 billion

In the event that the Supreme Court does not want to deal with the glyphosate case or decides against Bayer, the group has set up provisions of $ 4.5 billion. Bayer would then use the money to set up a program to deal with the demands of new plaintiffs in the coming 15 years. Bayer had previously set aside more than 10 billion dollars for a settlement package to settle US lawsuits. Around 96.000 Cases have already been finally settled.

Bayer had the expensive legal disputes surrounding Roundup 2018 with the over 46 billion dollar purchase of the US seed giant Monsanto brought into the house. After the first defeat in the summer of the same year, the downward trend in Bayer shares accelerated. With currently good 46 euros, they currently only cost about half as much as they did then. No paper was lost in the Dax during that period.

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